The socio-Economic issues are co-related and can get, diminished through and integrated approach and fight for holistic development.
Integrated Development with Aawahan "The New Voice"
o work for all the unnerved, under served and undetached communities till every hand gets work and every house hold feel ensured.
  • Building peace and end gender inequalities & Violence
  • Advancing health status of the society
  • Increasing access to education
  • Expanding civic and democratic participation
  • Ensuring economic and environmental justice
  • Tortering social change philanthropy
  • To work centrally for unprivileged communities i.e. women & marginalized people.
  • To work in an integrated manner by catering the needs of people and work for development of untouched areas.
  • To implement projects with a “need based” and “location specific” approach.
  • To establish a resourceful network of development practitioners in each district and block to make the voluntary organizations responsible towards the society.
    1. Empowerment: economic and social
    2. Education
    3. Health
    4. Disaster Management
    5. Democratic Sustainability
    6. Child and women Rights
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