Aawahan the new voice
Aawahan "The New Voice", Delhi is a Voluntary Organization (Non Governmental Organization) - NGO registered under the Society Registration Act 1860 was founded in 2014 by a group of committed, enthusiastic and academic experts of the area mainly concerned with extending and integrating the study of environment, Biosciences and socio-economic development campaign.

Aawahan "The New Voice", Delhi was initially founded by a group of committed experts of the area mainly concern with society development and empowerment of women.

The society was founded by Ms Ranjana Singh, presently heading the responsibility of Secretary. She is taking interest in other social issues and working for marginalized and poor people, empowerment of women & Youth and social mapping etc., the organization felt that only integrated development can change the ugly picture of the society so I change the strategy and renamed itself as Aawahan "The New Voice" in 2014. Since then it had been a long story of active intervention in social issues. Ms Ranjana SIngh is the current Secretary and is an active social entrepreneur. Aawahan is flourishing and gaining the depth under her due guidance.

The structure of the Society is based upon the democratic values. It's a two tire structure. The Governing or Executive Council elected every five years comprising of academic people of high repute from different walks, is the main policy or decision taking body, and the second the group of general members or concellors.

This is an auspicious occasion for us to come up with Aawahan "The New Voice". We feel delighted while presenting this report because it indicates our almost desire and hard core efforts to meet the commitments and fidelities not only toward our civic society but also towards our readers observers and well wishers. It exhibits our versatile and multifaceted approaches which are result oriented and completely directed towards addressing the hideous socio-economic issues deeply rooted in the society.

Our major concerns do reflect in:

•    Empowerment and income generation of socially backward and marginalized community especially women and dispreveliged societies dalits;
•    Establishing the sustaining methods of employment to prevent poverty and co-relating it to micro finance;
•    Advocating gender issues;
•    Efficiently carrying out disaster management skills;
•    Awareness of workers with the help of social welfare board etc.

In addition, we feel obliged to convey our heartily admiration to all our dears ones who have willingly lend their help and stood along us. We religiously thank the administration, local governing bodies, our donors, who had ensured outstanding devoir along with their faith in our campaign.

At the end, we want to emphasize the role of the self help groups (SHG) and women “Swyamshayta” groups, who have become the spine and the seal representatives of our vigorous march by troubleshooting all the practical issues which aroused at the grass root level. We truly want to convey our salutation to them.
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